Wine and Cheese

It’s been a bit of a desert here at the journal, here’s whats been happening lately. For the most part all my energy is going to making perfume, packing orders and getting ducks in a row at the new workspace. The ducks include the Samhain decorations, the Fan Funding project (which is rather massive in scope), organizing and then re-organizing the workshop, new products, perfumes, logo, packaging and planning the opening. Everything fits together a bit like a puzzle as I need the funding to get some counters, the display case etc. but time is running out as I am intending to have the Celebration for the new space on November 15th! YIKES!!

Yesterday I met with Gina of Blue Table, the wine and cheese bar at the Whizin Market Square where the perfumery is. The intention was to do a little mind melding about what to serve at the opening and check out options. Right now we are considering either a spiced wine, a Vermouth beverage or Sangria with a infused water for those who don’t drink alcohol.

We also discussed cheese and different herbals pairings. I love Blue Table and eat there quite often, probably more so than Hugos. My staple there is the beet and goat cheese salad. While speaking with Gina she served me a gorgeous Vermouth paired with GingerBeer. I’ve never been much of an alcoholic beverage person, but am sensing that may change.

Blue Table reminds me a bit of Il Piatto, a deli my mother had with a friend during the 80’s while I was attending Otis Art Institute in downtown. Il Piatto was located on Melrose, back when it was really “happening” in that part of Los Angeles. 

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