Visions From the Minds Eye

For the past year my husband, Greg Spalenka, has been working on a retrospective book of his artwork that is being published by Titan. Together with his buddy Jeff they have designed the entire book which was just submitted to the publisher in England this week.

They have created two alternate covers and are looking to fans of Greg’s art to help decide which one to use. If you feel inspired please head over to the Spalenka Eye and vote for your favorite. The book will launch at the San Diego Comic Con this summer.


  1. They are both stunning and beautiful. Gorgeous! I would choose the second one for personal reasons…years ago in art class, we were asked to paint a self-portrait. I painted myself with butterfly wings. So you see, I feel a strong connection with the second cover option. xoxo

  2. Hello Roxana, I agree with Dennice both are beautiful, however my choice would be the first one. I see it as a more powerful image. The tittle and the black background work wonderfully with the image. I would say that it flows perfectly:) The second image is softer and less of a 'statement'… more delicate… Good luck to your husband:) Either way it will certainly look stunning!

  3. Both covers are beautiful, but my vote goes with the first one. It's very arresting, and if the physical book was within reach I would not be able to resist opening it. 🙂

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