The Twelve Days of Christmas

Greg and I have created a LookBook based on the song The Twelve Days of Christmas. The inspiration for this gift guide came my way via fellow maker Jill Hoff. Intrigued by the song I  did a little research and discovered that the origin is as a cumulative chant, most likely french. It is believed to have started off as a “memories-and-forfeits” game on Twelfth Night where the leader recited a verse, each of the players repeated the verse, then the leader added another verse, and so on. As the game proceeds players and would make a mistake, leaving one player at the end.

I mentioned the idea of doing a gift guide relating to the song to my husband Greg. He was keen, thus we began the work of re-wording the lyrics to accommodate our wares. Once that was in place Greg created the cover and designs and then we began plugging in our existing images.

We wish you all a very joyful holiday season and hope you enjoy our little visual treat.



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