The Three Violets

My studio right now is wafting with the violet, fern and leathery notes from the filtering the latest edition of Gracing the Dawn. It’s one of my favorite fragrances of the line, I love how the notes meld together so seamlessly.

After filtering I thought I better take a few photos of the little 1 gram vial so I wondered outside and found three little violet flowers peeking out from under the leaves of one of my plants. I thought this a particularly auspicious event since the fragrance was first titled The Three Graces and there were three violets.

The formula is basically exactly the same, although I am always looking for ways to extend the base without impacting the beautiful floral heart. Gracing the Dawn contains five chords/accords with twenty five other individual essences. With so many individual chords and the amount of essences makes this perfume insanely complex. Seriously, what was I thinking! Oh, right, I was chasing the muse again, in this case three of them, filled with grace.

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