The Return of the Light!

The Winter Solstice has arrived to the Northern hemisphere, marking the return of the SUN. The days will slowly start getting longer, inching toward more and more light and warmth. Here in the woodland Spring normally begins in January with the blooming of the rosemary, oaks and ceanothus. (Although this year the rosemary began earlier… Continue reading The Return of the Light!

Standing Still Sun

Once again we herald in the Sun on this beloved Winter’s Solstice in our northern hemisphere. This year the Solstice takes on new meaning for me. I’ve been mindfully observing the decline of our Squirrel Box Bees #2 as they await the return of the flowers to once again begin building their stores and colony.… Continue reading Standing Still Sun

Ever Green

The Winter Solstice, also called Yule or Yuletide, marks Midwinter and another turn in the great seasonal wheel. Read more on Yule in last years posting at this journal. In ancient times those that honored the earth decorated their homes or temples with boughs of evergreen trees. The evergreens represented magical powers during a time… Continue reading Ever Green

Winter Solstice

Here we are again, at another turn of the great wheel which leads us into the light. This celebration goes by many names including Saturnalia in ancient Rome and Yuletide. The words winter solstice translate in Latin to sun stand still. The word Yule means wheel. The concept of rebirth is the main theme throughout… Continue reading Winter Solstice