Talking Dirty: Goût de Terroir at Fragrantica

Aligned with the energetics of Venus and her guardian Aphrodite, I am thrilled to share my first piece as a contributing writer on Fragrantica. Talking Dirty: Goût de Terroir. The french term, Goût de Terroir, refers to the flavors imparted by the earth to wine. Many thanks to Elena Knezevic, the founder of Fragrantica, and Marlen… Continue reading Talking Dirty: Goût de Terroir at Fragrantica

Whizin Market Winter Faire

The Whizin Market Square, where my perfumery is located, is having a Winter Faire this Saturday from 2pm until 8pm. The event will feature a food drive, pet adoptions, live music, crafts, scavenger hunt, wine tasting and so much more! It’s FREE, it’s family friendly and the scent bar is waiting for you. As part… Continue reading Whizin Market Winter Faire