Dulcet, a lusty tuberose perfume

Considered a masculine flower, evident by the elongated shape of the unopened single blossom, Tuberose is an exotic, velvety floral note, a diva of natural perfume. Tuberose originates from central America where the wild species was domesticated by the indigenous people of Mexico. Eventually, like so many plants from the Americas, they were taken to… Continue reading Dulcet, a lusty tuberose perfume


I did it, and feeling extremely proud and grateful, a true to flower gardenia extraction! This elixir is like no other I have ever smelled, from the Tiara of Tahiti to Columbia. The extract is so pure and true, nothing compares but the white floral soul of Gardenia herself. Since the extraction also produced a… Continue reading ✨GARDENIA✨

White Flower Season

The white flower season begins here in the garden of pure fumes with gardenia, then gradually overlaps with jasmine sambac which overlaps with plumeria.  I was lucky to get extra gardenias from my mothers plant which is much larger and more abundant than mine. The gardenias are now done but we are in the thick… Continue reading White Flower Season