Part of the inherent impetus of the new season is the urge to purge on multiple levels, most often referred to as Spring cleaning. For me, the purification impulse has been directed at my website and the studio. To the website I changed the opening slide show and added some more content and photos to… Continue reading Refresh


I have been working, working, working on the new website day and night and feel it is finally fairly ready for some input before the official launch. Thus, if you feel inspired to give me some feedback please head on over here. Although Paypal is a slimy, corrupt corporation that I detest, I have put… Continue reading Renovating


I’ve been creating a new shop that will take credit cards without the need to sign into a member site, this shop will eventually connect to the website and blog. Although this task has been on the to do list since last Autumn, the recent Paypal incident lit a fire to get it down NOW!… Continue reading Movement

The Matrix

I’m taking an online website class and in the midst of learning a whole new language and skill set. To say I am completely overwhelmed is an understatement. However, after years of frustration with website designers and coders it feels really liberating to know that I will have the option of doing things myself if… Continue reading The Matrix


Feels great to be back. Website, blog and twitter account are all healed. Lots of great lessons learned and relationships formed. So, the attacker, and we all have a pretty good idea who SHE is, didn’t gain anything…in fact she probably lost out. Especially in the karmic department. When I began my path in the… Continue reading Circular