Do you think amethysts can be the souls of good violets?

The title for todays post Anne of Green Gables. The violets are coming up in quite a bounty due to our rain fall. This year, instead of a tincture I am placing the delightful little flowers on a bed of botanical fat to infuse their intoxicating odor. The process is called enfleurage, we know it… Continue reading Do you think amethysts can be the souls of good violets?

Violet Posey

It’s violet season again! My mother Martha has brought me two posies of violets to tincture, she has an abundance of them coming up in her garden. The bouquet on Saturday was rather large and thus I was able to capture lots of photos of the tincturing process which I will share shortly. I went… Continue reading Violet Posey

The Three Violets

My studio right now is wafting with the violet, fern and leathery notes from the filtering the latest edition of Gracing the Dawn. It’s one of my favorite fragrances of the line, I love how the notes meld together so seamlessly. After filtering I thought I better take a few photos of the little 1… Continue reading The Three Violets

The Violet Haze

At least once a week, sometimes twice, I remove the saturated violet flowers from their soak in organic grape alcohol and replace them with fresh flowers. The spent violets are a pale lavender tone when I remove them and drain them. However, once dry the rich violet hue returns, although somewhat dimmed. This week there… Continue reading The Violet Haze