One foot in front of the other

This journey of moving both the perfumery and our household has been epic! During the entire process I’ve been listening to a a book series proposed by my daughter Eve. Today, as I was driving from our little woodland house to my moms home in Encino, I realized that most of our personal experiences mimic… Continue reading One foot in front of the other

Paris 1900

Early Monday morning Eve and I headed over the hill to Santa Monica for a “Preferred Customer Closing Sale” at the shop Paris 1900. We had been tipped about the closing of the store by Eve’s grandmother Marilyn, who had met the owner Susan Lieberman through the Eames office in the 1950’s. Paris 1900 is… Continue reading Paris 1900

The Key

Since signing the lease on the new space last week I’ve been a little obsessed with getting the space ready. Today I was given the key, which made everything seem so much more real. I’ve been getting quotes from electricians for providing power to the candelabras as well as going over how best to design… Continue reading The Key

Spring Fever

Thursday was Greg’s birthday. Since he is so busy finishing up his retrospective book and working on illustrating a Comic and a Tarot deck, spending the time celebrating was not on his agenda. Thus instead he conceded to a birthday lunch somewhat locally. The delicious uber-healthy lunch was followed by a bit of¬†spontaneity. It all… Continue reading Spring Fever

Pretty in Pinks

Today I poured Lyra solid into an oval compact for a customer in South Africa which transported me into a “pink” mood. It also occurred to me that Lyra is a perfect in between season perfume, due to the balance of warm amber with sweet floral and licorice. Here is a little assemblage of handmade… Continue reading Pretty in Pinks

Victorian & Edwardian

The Etsy featured seller this weekend has been the shop Vera Vague, is comprised of the dynamic duo Vera & Victor Vague, aka Anastasia and Eric, in Kalamazoo. Their focus is on the Victorian, Edwardian and Art Deco period items. I’ve been a long time fan of their shop and photos…mostly the Victorian boots or… Continue reading Victorian & Edwardian

Gift Guide: Shabby Chic, Pink and the Vamp

Here’s a few beauties I found on Etsy weaved in with some of my pieces. The first collection is for the romantic, lover of shabby chic and vintage style. Bed from Painted Cottage in New JerseyVintage Crochet Bedspread – Coverlet from Ethanol in Portland OregonLarge Coral Branch from EveryEskimo in Michiganand the Page 47 mini… Continue reading Gift Guide: Shabby Chic, Pink and the Vamp

Silver and Chalk

The invention of photography began with the discovery that a mixture of silver and chalk darkens when exposed to light. Eventually this resulted in the photographic process termed daguerr√©otype. In between formulating and making perfumes, packaging orders, and marketing I continue to photograph my work. Constantly searching for the perfect photo to capture the essence… Continue reading Silver and Chalk

{ bountiful } part 2

I finally nabbed an Etsy Treasury West last night. I decided to title and curate this one with the theme of the day Bountiful. After both the wonder filled shop on Abbot Kinney and the blog post just prior to this one. The picks are inspired by my day in Venice with my daughter Eve.… Continue reading { bountiful } part 2


One of the things I adore doing when I have a few extra moments of cyber space time is creating an Etsy treasury. It’s a sort of art therapy thing. I begin by looking for images in my accumulated favorites sections. If I see a theme then I go from there. Sometimes I begin one… Continue reading Treasures