Burning Bright

The autumn festival of Michaelmas, one of the ancient holy days, has come back around. Michaelmas Day is considered the feast of the Archangel Saint Michael and/or the feast of all the Angels. The celebration appears to come out of the Christian tradition. If you dig deeper, you will find references and similar stories coming… Continue reading Burning Bright


The Vespertina Eau de Parfum was filtered yesterday and has infused the Agoura workspace with the most divine and delicious aroma of woods, resin and florals all weaved together. There is approximately eight ounces of this first batch of the 2015 edition. Greg and I are still hard at work on the LookBook which will… Continue reading Vespers

Vespertina Liquid is Back

The 2nd edition of Vespertina as a liquid perfume extract is now back! Orchestrated like her solid, creamy counterpart, the synergy contains the same precious essences but in a base of 190 proof organic grape alcohol with two tinctures one from frankincense resin and one from Indian ambrette seeds. The aromatic is very similar to… Continue reading Vespertina Liquid is Back

Hedera helix and Gracing the Dawn

I’ve been spending my evenings making large amounts of the synergies for all the perfumes, in both solid and liquid form. Page 47 liquid and Eau de Parfum will be arriving shortly as well as Vespertina and Chiaroscuro liquid. As I was meticulously making my way through the fragrances I noticed that the solid synergies… Continue reading Hedera helix and Gracing the Dawn

A Dream Menagerie

“I was in a deep wood, at twilight, and all your fragrances were actually PEOPLE…well..some of them were fairies or elemental/goddess-like beings…but basically people. They were all gathering around me, coming in and out of focus, and they each had their own story to tell about their lives and their experiences as who and what… Continue reading A Dream Menagerie

Gift Guide: Shabby Chic, Pink and the Vamp

Here’s a few beauties I found on Etsy weaved in with some of my pieces. The first collection is for the romantic, lover of shabby chic and vintage style. Bed from Painted Cottage in New JerseyVintage Crochet Bedspread – Coverlet from Ethanol in Portland OregonLarge Coral Branch from EveryEskimo in Michiganand the Page 47 mini… Continue reading Gift Guide: Shabby Chic, Pink and the Vamp


During the late 1800’s there was a group of photographers who made a conscious effort to focus their work on the artistic quality and aesthetics of an image, rather than be representational. This photographic movement was termed pictorialism. The imagery portrayed was often very similar to the trends in painting at the time, specifically the… Continue reading Pictorialism