Vera Solid Natural Perfume is Back!

Three different lavenders and white sage grown and distilled in Ojai are combined with orange blossom and thirty one other plant essences with two of my own complex chords go into Vera. The labyrinthine orchestration results in a sparkling, sunny, uplifting yet calming pure fume, evocative of the location in Southern California where the inspiration… Continue reading Vera Solid Natural Perfume is Back!


Nine years ago I came out of my aromatic shell 🌱 and debuted the Roxana Illuminated Perfume line, website and blog with being a presenter at the Ojai Lavender Festival. In the photo below I am chatting with the aromatherapy legend Robert Tisserand. As you can see my beginnings were very humble. “And the day… Continue reading Nine

Vera PinBoards

We have seven glorious pinboards for Vera. It’s going to be soooo hard to choose one!!! Let me know which one YOU feel represents the fragrance the best. Brenda: Iris: Mihaela Victoria Beatriz Yvonne Jennifer

VERA Anniversary Celebration 2015

In mid June of 2007 with the help of my friend and graphic designer Terese Harris I launched the website, blog and Vera on the morning of the Ojai Lavender Festival. In honor of that blessed day, lavender and the fabulous journey, here is an anniversary celebration with something for everyone. The first part of… Continue reading VERA Anniversary Celebration 2015

Truth is Singular

As I type this it is stardate 67167 and Vera, the perfume of Ojai and lavender is trending. The word Vera means true, referencing the botanical name for lavender Lavandula vera, true lavender. Truth is a fascinating topic which appears to take on many guises. As Sonmi 451 in Cloud Atlas states “Truth is singular,… Continue reading Truth is Singular