Radiant Orchids

Pantone, the self deemed authority on color , has deemed “Radiant Orchid” the color of 2014. This cool yet warm hue, which gently lounges on the fringes of red violet, has an affinity with the color harmony of Gracing the Dawn and Cimbalom. In fact, if you were to take the lavender shade of Gracing… Continue reading Radiant Orchids

Chocolate please!

After much research and speaking with experts I have reformulated the chocolate solid natural perfumes with apparent success. Before putting them in the shop I thought I’d get some feedback from all you lovely folks as well as take some time to observe them a bit. Whose game? I have sixteen pink pots to share.… Continue reading Chocolate please!

A Vanilla Soliflore

I’ve re-released “Figure 10: Blanc” without the chocolate base. This is a delicious vanilla soliflore, meaning one flower in French, a term used to describe a composed perfume dominated by one single flower, such as Gardenia or Jasmine. Blanc is a botanical fragrance dominated by the scent of vanilla. For the aromatic component I am… Continue reading A Vanilla Soliflore

Two Bean

Vanilla is derived from an orchid that originated in central America. The bean or seed pod contains that fragrant delicious substance that is beloved worldwide, especially now during the holiday baking season. I have brought back a few of the chocolate solid perfumes and am working on a few others. Blanc, which is rich in… Continue reading Two Bean

Handmade Tag

Every once in awhile I get in this zone. It’s very enchanting when it happens and I’m not conscious of it until afterward. The other day was a zone day. I was doing some work and research on the computer when I came across the blog of a fellow etsy seller. I am still not… Continue reading Handmade Tag


My dad e-mailed me the above photo this morning. It was taken in Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 12, 1962. My great grandmother, Leonilda, is surrounded by all her great grandchildren, on her 90th birthday. She holds a little two months old infant in her delicate arms. That little infant is me, supposedly the earliest… Continue reading Lineage