New Mexico Adventure: Las Conchas Trail

On Monday, August 17th, we decided to head toward the Jemez Mountains and River to get some forest bathing in from a different area than our usual fifteen minute drive up to our local woods. Since we had not been to the area, and most of the lodging sites that met our criteria were booked,… Continue reading New Mexico Adventure: Las Conchas Trail

Trees, a re-occuring theme

As a freshman in high school I was encouraged to join the Speech club, so I did. I chose to memorize and tell the Shel Silverstein story the Giving Tree. Fast forward, approximately forty years later I presented the Tree of Life at the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy conference at Bastyr University. Gosh, I… Continue reading Trees, a re-occuring theme

Movie Monday: Climbing Redwood Giants

In 2007 I was gifted the book “The Wild Trees” by Richard Preston. I became immediately absorbed in the adventure of a group of botanists, naturalists and the visionary pioneer at the heart of the story, Steve Sillett. National Geographic recently did a documentary that includes Steve Sillett. Here is excerpt from the YouTube page… Continue reading Movie Monday: Climbing Redwood Giants

Tree Ogham

The constant in Celtic tradition accepted by all the scholars is a deep reverence for nature, specifically the trees. Like the native people of the Americas, the Druids viewed the world holistically, seeing the connection between all things. There was an intrinsic understanding of the link between the physical/outer world and the spiritual/inner world. Most… Continue reading Tree Ogham

Celtic Lunar Month: Birch

“”The Birch was very noble,Armed herself but late,A sign not of cowardice,But of high estate.“ ~ “The White Goddess” by Robert Graves The first tree that is honored in the of cycle of the Celtic Lunar Month Calendar, according to the Beth-Luis-Nion system, is the Birch.  The celebration began on December 24th and lasts until… Continue reading Celtic Lunar Month: Birch