California Native Plant Tour 2013

The 10th Annual Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour took place Saturday & Sunday. More than 40 gardens in the Los Angeles region, each planted with at least 50% California natives were showcased. During a visit to a patio garden in Santa Monica I heard the host talking about a honey bee with “blue knees.”… Continue reading California Native Plant Tour 2013

Planting for Pollinators

On Saturday morning I trekked out to The Theodore Payne Foundation in Sun Valley for a special class titled Planting for Pollinators. The two hour seminar was tailored for the Backward Beekeepers with the educational director of the foundation, Lisa Novich. I’ve mentioned Lisa here before when we took a class in 2008 called “All… Continue reading Planting for Pollinators

The Genius of Nature

“Nature is full of genius, full of divinity;so that not a snow flake escapes it’s fashioned hand.” ~ Henry David Thoreau Two major events, dear to my heart, occurred this weekend on opposite coasts. The Sniffapalooza Spring Fling in NYC and the Native Plant Garden Tour here in Los Angeles. Alas, I was not able… Continue reading The Genius of Nature


Today was the final class in the California Native Plant Design series at the Theodore Payne Foundation. I now have a complete landscape design using native plants for the front portion of our lot. I chose plants from the Woodland and Chaparral community since that is where our home is located. The intention for the… Continue reading Sovereignty

All About Leaves

Let us praise “Leaves” today, for they are a crucial component of our survival on Spaceship Planet Earth. Daily we exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide with these lateral outgrowths which come in all shapes and colors. Leaves are one of the categories used to classify the essences included in the Botanical Perfumers palette. A myriad… Continue reading All About Leaves

California Native Plants

I’ve finally gotten into the Native Plant Design class at the Theodore Payne Foundation. YAY! This class fills up before it even gets posted on their website, I’ve been on the wait list for quite sometime. Can’t wait. The class begins Saturday, February 2nd at 10am. Thus, know that there will be lots of posts… Continue reading California Native Plants

The Garden, part 2

Last Friday was the first day of the Native Pant Sale at the Theodore Payne Foundation. We are re-doing our landscape to incorporate as many indigenous plants as possible. Early last Friday my mom and I trekked out to Sun Valley to purchase natives. I arrived back in the Santa Monica Mountains with a treasure… Continue reading The Garden, part 2