A Return to Scent

Authentic botanical perfume provides individuals with a path to return to the scent realm. Large amounts of people have given up on fragrance because synthetics permeate the marketplace from laundry detergent, dryer sheets to face creams. Gosh companies are even offering business cards with synthetic fragrance. Individuals who have courageously ventured into authentic botanical perfumer… Continue reading A Return to Scent

A Dream Menagerie

“I was in a deep wood, at twilight, and all your fragrances were actually PEOPLE…well..some of them were fairies or elemental/goddess-like beings…but basically people. They were all gathering around me, coming in and out of focus, and they each had their own story to tell about their lives and their experiences as who and what… Continue reading A Dream Menagerie

A Velvet Spell

This just in…. “This is what I have been looking for! Sophisticated artfully blended oils that make one swoon under their velvet spell. I am having so much fun trying out the perfumes in my sampler pack. Two I have made immediate decisions on, I just know that I will adore them forever! I am… Continue reading A Velvet Spell

In with the Green

The first comments for GreenWitch solid natural perfume are in… “The beautiful scent of Roxana’s Greenwitch solid perfume is a magical spell of hope and rebirth …a reminder to look within, to find the joyful wildness that lurks inside our hearts …to become undomesticated at last. In doing so perhaps we will finally discover that… Continue reading In with the Green