Donna M

I am thrilled to finally have Donna M coming to the perfumery with her domestically designed and produced collection. Like me, Donna is producing the materials that she works with, from the fabrics to the finishing! All fabrics are exclusively knitted in Los Angeles to her precise specifications and sewn in our very own factory.… Continue reading Donna M

Style Guide

Although I went to art school and studied illustration, when it comes to designing interiors I have no formal training. There are basic fundamentals (design principals) that carry across all art forms but its not necessarily a given that an artistic person can cross from one to another with grace. As I design my new… Continue reading Style Guide

Color & Scent

┬áLately I’ve been working on perfume related things like the making and decanting of liquid and solid perfumes / packing up orders during the day and then working on the website at night into the wee hours. During the ebb and flow of the week I’ll also research bottles and packaging, work on new formulas,… Continue reading Color & Scent

Gift Guide: Shabby Chic, Pink and the Vamp

Here’s a few beauties I found on Etsy weaved in with some of my pieces. The first collection is for the romantic, lover of shabby chic and vintage style. Bed from Painted Cottage in New JerseyVintage Crochet Bedspread – Coverlet from Ethanol in Portland OregonLarge Coral Branch from EveryEskimo in Michiganand the Page 47 mini… Continue reading Gift Guide: Shabby Chic, Pink and the Vamp

Chanel in San Telmo

Karl Lagerfeld has been spotted doing a photo shoot for Chanel with Claudia Shiffer in the San Telmo region of Buenos Aires. Being from Buenos Aires, a lover of Chanel fashion and San Telmo I feel compelled to share the photos with you, enjoy! I suggest playing a Gardel Tango while enjoying the sites. These… Continue reading Chanel in San Telmo

Ending week festvities

The past two weeks have been spent in much artistic splendor while my daughter Eve has been on her Spring break. We did a variety of creative and fun tasks together including cooking, painting, shopping, looking through old family photos, contemplating items for the house design, watching films, listening to books on tape, taking photos… Continue reading Ending week festvities