Part of the inherent impetus of the new season is the urge to purge on multiple levels, most often referred to as Spring cleaning. For me, the purification impulse has been directed at my website and the studio. To the website I changed the opening slide show and added some more content and photos to… Continue reading Refresh

Spring Fever

Thursday was Greg’s birthday. Since he is so busy finishing up his retrospective book and working on illustrating a Comic and a Tarot deck, spending the time celebrating was not on his agenda. Thus instead he conceded to a birthday lunch somewhat locally. The delicious uber-healthy lunch was followed by a bit of¬†spontaneity. It all… Continue reading Spring Fever


Renewal and vitality have arrived on the navigational winds of Spring, mainly due to the unseasonal rain we were graced with last week. Here in this terrestrial ecoregion known as the California chaparral we tend to get our biggest rainfall in the Autumn. The City of Angels this past Autumn was abysmally bleak of elemental… Continue reading Renewal

Daily Dose of Green

Today’s theme is green as I am going to filter the new batch of Hedera helix liquid and am making more GreenWitch. I smell very Spring-like and fresh, nice contrast for winter gloom. The plant photos were taken at our local nursery called Sperling, the pinned bug is from our collection. Images ¬©RoxanaVilla