Gratitude Sale

I’m so very grateful you’re here, reading this post, it really means quite a bit that we get to stay in touch. As part of expressing my love and gratitude, I’ve created a special sale just for YOU that begins at midnight (mountain time) November 29th until December 2nd. For every purchase of a solid… Continue reading Gratitude Sale

Figure 1: Noir Solid Natural Perfume is back!!

Wishing you all an absolutely splendid new seasonal cycle of the great agricultural wheel, transitioning us from light to dark. Breath in the deep, transformative energetics vibrating through the web of life as we step through the threshold, morphing into our highest and most divine self. Some refer to this as a celebration of the… Continue reading Figure 1: Noir Solid Natural Perfume is back!!

Make Your Own Solid Perfume

This Sunday afternoon I will be teaching an introductory class on how to make your very own solid perfume. We will be going into the fundamentals along with how to make infusions and adding other elements like floral waxes. Reserve your seat here The basic formula learned can be applied to making salves and balms,… Continue reading Make Your Own Solid Perfume

Little Round Bee Lockets finally get perfume!

It took awhile for me to get this together and I am still working out some of the details, but, for the most part they are ready. Introducing the little round bee lockets with perfumed felts! In the early nineties when I was first introduced to aromatherapy I wore a filigree locket necklace that had… Continue reading Little Round Bee Lockets finally get perfume!

Chocolate Natural Solid Perfumes are back!

As promised, the chocolate natural solid perfumes are back. It’s taken quite a lot of experiments but the beast has now been tamed and ready to share. I’ve been conducting some tests while at the workshop and am happy to share that the general response has been swoons. At the moment all I’ve listed on… Continue reading Chocolate Natural Solid Perfumes are back!

Cabochon Mini Compact

The mini compacts with cabochons have arrived, although not all have been listed yet. Here are a few photos in the meantime. If there is a specific combination you desire, like Hedera helix solid perfume with Czech glass in peridot green please send me a note. I’m happy to list it for you.

Get a sample of Fleurish, Mellifera or Figure 5: Bois!

I am offering Fleurish, Mellifera and Figure 5: Bois as solid perfume tins over at the Fan Funding post here at the journal. Pictured in the photo is Fleurish, a fruity jasmine with robust notes of indole. Samples are available via the fan funding post or get sample of one of the three included this… Continue reading Get a sample of Fleurish, Mellifera or Figure 5: Bois!

Solid Perfume Art Lockets are Back!

Three of the solid perfume art lockets are now back in stock. I’m taking these up to the Beyond Aromatics conference in Seattle where I will have a booth. Since they tend to sell out, I suggest not delaying too long to get one.