Movie Monday: Climbing Redwood Giants

In 2007 I was gifted the book “The Wild Trees” by Richard Preston. I became immediately absorbed in the adventure of a group of botanists, naturalists and the visionary pioneer at the heart of the story, Steve Sillett. National Geographic recently did a documentary that includes Steve Sillett. Here is excerpt from the YouTube page… Continue reading Movie Monday: Climbing Redwood Giants

Felix Felicis

On Friday I had this feeling that someone had spiked my tea with some luck potion, like the one from Harry Potter termed Felix Felicis. Well, interestingly enough, I just heard from the ever so enchanted Goddess of perfume script that Sierra Solid Gold was featured on a blog that day. Sierra Solid Gold contains… Continue reading Felix Felicis

Solid Gold

The living room has been converted into a temporary photography studio as we continue to photograph all our botanical perfumes. That will change on Thursday, of course, when invitees will come to celebrate the day of gratitude. In the shot above is the Sierra Solid Gold perfume within the antique finished compact along with its… Continue reading Solid Gold

Prosperity Accord

Continuing on from yesterdays post on weaving magic into botanical perfume formulation I will share some of the methodology utilized in the magical accord within the Sierra solid perfume. To read the initial post on the Sierra solid perfume from November 8th click here. I began by looking at the planetary associations and influences with… Continue reading Prosperity Accord

Weaving Magic

I became conscious of working with magic in the nineties when my daughter Eve was about three. The adventure began at a drum making workshop in an artist loft space at the Brewery. My friend could not attend the event, so I went in her place. The Brewery is an old beer brewery that has… Continue reading Weaving Magic

A Secret in the Forest

The main green notes in perfumes come from leaves and stems which give the impression of the scent of grass and crushed leaves. Heather Ettlinger of the blog “Memory and Desire” has just posted an entry about green perfumes which include our “Q” and Sierra. When I begin a perfume I don’t generally start with… Continue reading A Secret in the Forest

The Garden, part 2

Last Friday was the first day of the Native Pant Sale at the Theodore Payne Foundation. We are re-doing our landscape to incorporate as many indigenous plants as possible. Early last Friday my mom and I trekked out to Sun Valley to purchase natives. I arrived back in the Santa Monica Mountains with a treasure… Continue reading The Garden, part 2