New Mexico Adventure: Las Conchas Trail

On Monday, August 17th, we decided to head toward the Jemez Mountains and River to get some forest bathing in from a different area than our usual fifteen minute drive up to our local woods. Since we had not been to the area, and most of the lodging sites that met our criteria were booked,… Continue reading New Mexico Adventure: Las Conchas Trail

The Principal of Correspondence

Yesterday, I left the perfumery a bit earlier than usual, arriving at the casita with enough time to fully experience and take some time breathing in the spectacular biome of Santa Fe at sunset. At first I was just standing in awe, looking out at the landscape and sky, then as the mind began to… Continue reading The Principal of Correspondence

Shop Small, Shop Local & Shop Indie

This is important, remember, remember, the 7th of December! Tomorrow, Saturday, is a big holiday shopping day for many attending local artisan markets. I encourage you to visit and patronize the small, indie, local artists in your hood as well as online. Perhaps mixing up some of your purchases from various venues, instead of purchasing… Continue reading Shop Small, Shop Local & Shop Indie

Baca Street Arts District Tour

You are invited to the Baca Street Arts District Tour The 19th Annual Arts Holiday Sale begins at the corner of Cerrillos Road and Baca Street, everything is within walking distance. Glassblowing, sculpture, jewelry, furniture, gem stones, pottery, clothing, paintings, cards, refreshments, and so much more! I will be part of the tour at CAFECITO👉🏿… Continue reading Baca Street Arts District Tour

Chamisa distillation

Last week, during a filming session at the perfumery for an upcoming feature, I distilled the beautiful golden flowers of Chamisa with my small glass still. The result is an enchanting, mellow yellow hydrosol that smells of liquid sunshine. The main notes are from monoterpenes like d-limonene, which contributes to the warm, sunny scent. There… Continue reading Chamisa distillation

The Golden Cloak of Autumn Arrives to Santa Fe

A few of the sign posts signaling the arrival of Autumn here in Santa Fe, New Mexico have been sighted. We begin with a flowering native commonly referred to as Rabbitbrush, Chamisa, and Rubber Rabbitbrush,  the latin is Ericameria nauseous and/or Chrysothamnus nauseous. Chamisa Above: Chamisa in June I find Chamisa particularly interesting to watch… Continue reading The Golden Cloak of Autumn Arrives to Santa Fe

2019 Santa Fe Studio Tour #44

The 15th annual Santa Fe Studio Tour began this morning at 10am with over fifty artist’s studios participating. It’s a great chance to chat with local artists, learn about their process and support their work. For more information visit the Santa Fe Studio Tour site. The perfumery is “un-officially” part of the tour since Greg… Continue reading 2019 Santa Fe Studio Tour #44

Botanical Perfume Classes in March & April

Art of Botanical Perfume March 2nd & 3rd in Encino, CA April 6th & 7th in Santa Fe, NM The Art of Botanical Perfume is a level one class, an introduction to making perfume with plants. In the past this was a one day course that always felt rushed and overwhelming, thus now I set… Continue reading Botanical Perfume Classes in March & April