One foot in front of the other

This journey of moving both the perfumery and our household has been epic! During the entire process I’ve been listening to a a book series proposed by my daughter Eve. Today, as I was driving from our little woodland house to my moms home in Encino, I realized that most of our personal experiences mimic… Continue reading One foot in front of the other


We’ve returned from the largest gathering for pop culture, and geeks, this side of the Atlantic. Although Comic Con has morphed into a totally different animal than the more art oriented, cool happening place of ten years ago, it’s still fun. Best part is always seeing our friends from all over the world. Cool couple… Continue reading Fetishism

Everything is Illuminated with To Bee

Today I bring you tidings of To Bee reviews and giveaways. One is over at Scent Hive, the ultimate blog about natural perfume and beauty reviews, curated by the wise and intuitive Trish. The review dives into her impressions of the notes and accord orchestration within To Bee. The second review comes via Perfume Smellin’… Continue reading Everything is Illuminated with To Bee

Comic Con: Around the Booths

Normally while at Comic Con I spend much more time wondering the floor and checking out what friends, artists and fellow comrades are working on. These year was a little different in that I didn’t get out much except for early mornings before the doors of the hall opened. Tara McPherson, one of Eve’s fav… Continue reading Comic Con: Around the Booths