Vespertina Liquid is Back

The 2nd edition of Vespertina as a liquid perfume extract is now back! Orchestrated like her solid, creamy counterpart, the synergy contains the same precious essences but in a base of 190 proof organic grape alcohol with two tinctures one from frankincense resin and one from Indian ambrette seeds. The aromatic is very similar to… Continue reading Vespertina Liquid is Back

Wild Wonderful

The 2014 edition of Rosa as a solid is back. There were a few tiny modifications to the formula due to available ingredients but not enough to shift the aroma. I am happy to report that there was enough of the precious rose bourbonica from India to include in this edition. As I have mentioned… Continue reading Wild Wonderful

A Dozen Roses

  Today we journey to the heart center with the flower governed by Venus along with six other bloggers. Please follow the links at the end of this post to travel to the other participants in this blogging feast centered around our 12 favorite rose-themed scents and/or products. Since I don’t use other products besides… Continue reading A Dozen Roses

Perfume Illuminated: Chocolate, Wine and Roses

“You are the rose of me in you I have lost myself utterlyyour fragrance, as a breath from paradiseabout me ever liesI crush you to my heart with sutblest ecstacyand on your lips I live, and in your passionate eyes.”~ Chettur Long before paper valentines, male and female humans strove to inspire each others love… Continue reading Perfume Illuminated: Chocolate, Wine and Roses

Soul Food

“Food nourishes the Body, but Flowers nourish the Soul.” ~ Ancient Proverb In the botanical perfumers palette the most expensive and valuable essences are those that come from the heavenly domain of the flowers. Floral notes give body and heart to a perfume. The essences most often used to add a sensuous bouquet include: RoseJasmineOrange… Continue reading Soul Food