GreenWitch and the Shire

A customer yesterday sent me this message: “I discovered your perfumes through a two-page review in the weekend magazine of one of the Norwegian newspapers, written by a perfume connoiseurs. He claimed that your perfume, Greenwitch, is evocative of what Tolkien’s Shire would smell like.” After an exhaustive search I found the author and article. It… Continue reading GreenWitch and the Shire

Twos Day

Two Impromptu reviews in one day! The first that I became aware of is over at Perfume Smellin’ Things, written by Beth with all her fabulous story telling skills. Here’s one of my favorite parts: “This sounds silly perhaps, but I know that almost anyone like me with an unrestrained adoration of the art of… Continue reading Twos Day

Impromptu Review at APJ

There’s an Impromptu review and giveaway over at Australian Perfume Junkies happening right now. Entries Close Sunday 4th May 2014 10pm Australian EST and winners will be announced in a separate post.

Impromptu Reviews

This is the official landing page for reviews of Impromptu botanical perfume as a constant in the line. First up is a paragraph from Sam and review Tom write for Perfume Posse, where he picks up on carnation as the primary note. “Impromptu is a morpher; a changeling. A fragrance with layers upon layers. A… Continue reading Impromptu Reviews

Bits and Pieces

It’s Tuesday, a MARS ruled day, almost Wednesday which is governed by MERCURY. Here’s a fun little review that came in while I was watching a documentary about the City of Alexandria: “WELL NOW. Oookay. Here’s the thing, darlings. these Samples? Impossibly elegant. Let me explain. Firstly, they came in a velvet pouch. I don’t… Continue reading Bits and Pieces