Forbidden Fruit

In the kitchen the other day I remarked, “Something smells fruity.” My teenage daughter rolled her eyes answering, “Mom, everything smells fruity to you lately!” Well, not everything, although I have been picking out the fruit note in a number of items that normally I would not have. It’s as if my olfactory antenna is… Continue reading Forbidden Fruit

Alchemical Wedding

” The alchemical operation consisted essentially in separating the prima materia, the so-called chaos, into the active principle, the soul, and the passive principle, the body, which were then reunited in personified form in the coniunctio or ‘chymical marriage’… the ritual cohabitation of Sol and Luna.”– C.G. Jung Mysterium Coniunctionis Although we may have crossed… Continue reading Alchemical Wedding


The rains have finally arrived to the City of Angels! I love it when it rains this hard, there is a warm and snuggly feeling about it as well as an immediate sensation of clarity. All my newly planted native plants have got to be thrilled. Lots of perfume projects are underway and will be… Continue reading Reveal-ations