Elemental earth is rooted in the mineral kingdom. Our tactile sensory experience acts as antenna to the moment, the here & now. When we are cocooned by the embrace of the earth, we are in a similar process to that of a caterpillar, re-imaging a transition into a new life. Dr. Bruce Lipton writes about it… Continue reading Cocooning

Re-birthing a New Vision

Intending our collective human mind today may ingest, incubate and hatch the symbolism of the “egg” as an archetype for libration. The origins of the word Easter are found in the ancient Saxon Lunar Goddess known as Eostre and Norse Goddess Ostara. In both these traditions, as well as those of the Greeks and Egyptians… Continue reading Re-birthing a New Vision


Renewal and vitality have arrived on the navigational winds of Spring, mainly due to the unseasonal rain we were graced with last week. Here in this terrestrial ecoregion known as the California chaparral we tend to get our biggest rainfall in the Autumn. The City of Angels this past Autumn was abysmally bleak of elemental… Continue reading Renewal

Eleven for Eleven

This evenings post is inspired by Jan at Poppytalk. Taking her lead and words from…here’s my personal New Year’s focus (resolution) list! What are your plans for 2011? No. 1: Remember the artist within No. 2: Nurture the Muse No. 3: Bee Here Now No. 4: More LOVE all around Paper Doll Valentine Ornament by… Continue reading Eleven for Eleven


Feels great to be back. Website, blog and twitter account are all healed. Lots of great lessons learned and relationships formed. So, the attacker, and we all have a pretty good idea who SHE is, didn’t gain anything…in fact she probably lost out. Especially in the karmic department. When I began my path in the… Continue reading Circular