A few years ago a customer requested a sandalwood solid perfume. After pondering a bit, I decided to do a sandalwood solifleur by building a rich and voluminous chord/accord to personify this sacred and precious wood. First I combined a variety of sandalwood essential oils from different locations, for example Sri Lanka, New Caledonia and… Continue reading Santal

Peace Train

On Monday the perfume devoted to Peace was released with a grand welcome mat by the perfume blogging community. Ten individuals received the three main chords (accords) and the final perfume to review. These ten individuals represent the first circle in a series of concentric circles. Want to be part of the next circle? First… Continue reading Peace Train


Here at the little woodland house of creativity Autumn has made her appearance. Formerly she will reach her mark next Tuesday for Mabon/ The Fall Equinox. We notice the arrival of the new temperate season of Harvest by the acorns that appear under the California Live Oaks. The weather is still warm most of the… Continue reading Autumnal

Peace Perfume: Part One

“Nothing can bring you peace but yourself.”~ Ralph Waldo Emerson Steve Robertson the Founder of Project-Peace on Earth, along with Director Marc Scarpa are in Israel, and Palestine working out the logistics of the September 19th concert in Manger Square, Bethlehem. Robertson and Scarpa are meeting a host of dignitaries and officials who are helping… Continue reading Peace Perfume: Part One