Preservation photos by Blake Little

Photographer Blake Little has shot a series of humans and animals covered with honey. TheĀ images were created for his book and exhibition at the Kopeikin Gallery last Spring Mar.7- Apr.18, 2015. The Preservation Book was edited by Bil Yoelin Here is the video of his shoot, keep in mind that some of the bodies are… Continue reading Preservation photos by Blake Little


Yesterday, after brunch, I installed Instagram on the I-pad just before heading out to work in the garden. Instagram is a free photo app fun that lets you add a filter to transform the image, something I normally do in photoshop. I had thought that it was only available to those who had smart phones,… Continue reading Instagram

Ebb and Flow

I’m focusing on the positives of ebb and flow today, although, I much prefer flow. Flow being more aligned with water element where as ebb is part of elemental earth. Both have their benefits, its just a matter of where one is standing and perceiving. After all, perception is an act of creation. Oh…and how… Continue reading Ebb and Flow


The new camera arrived yesterday via Fed Ex and I am absolutely thrilled with it. The camera is a Canon Rebel T2i, we choose this one because I can use it to take my product photos and create films. For my birthday this year I told Greg that more than anything else I wanted a… Continue reading Bienvenue!

Honey, Honey

The To Bee natural perfume LookBook is coming along quite fabulously but it is in need of more imagery. Since this fragrance is so new, I don’t quite have the plethora of illuminations as the other fragrances. Thus I’m taking advantage of Eve’s camera, before it leaves with her to college in Vermont, and taking… Continue reading Honey, Honey

Worldwide Bee-ing

Here in the woodland we suited up last Saturday afternoon to check the bees and add another box. The girls were substantially calmer than in March when Roberta and Ceebs came by to do a hive check. Greg was a little un-nerved by the loud communal humming that radiated out from the hive as we… Continue reading Worldwide Bee-ing

Giveaway winner!

The winner of the giveaway for 1 gram bottle of Tangent Botanical Perfume is Katie! Congratulations, I’ll be sending off the vial as soon as I receive the shipping data. Many thanks to everyone who participated, I’m really grateful for each of you that stopped by. Please keep in eye out for a giveaway for… Continue reading Giveaway winner!