The Perfumery in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The Perfumery in Santa Fe, New Mexico is one part apothecary, (referencing my great grandfathers homeopathic farmacy) one part alchemical lab (where I distill and transform plant matter into golden elixirs), one part naturalist/artist studio, one part wizardress/priestess, and one part stylist.     All these parts are all the aspects of a modern day… Continue reading The Perfumery in Santa Fe, New Mexico

The fabric of everything is beauty

This lockdown period, although excruciatingly painful, has been very beneficial in providing us with time to contemplate, even though some of us, like many of our awesome health care and other essential service providers continue to work. While contemplating the oh so very wise words of the young, visionary medic Dr. Zach Bush I came… Continue reading The fabric of everything is beauty

2019 Santa Fe Studio Tour #44

The 15th annual Santa Fe Studio Tour began this morning at 10am with over fifty artist’s studios participating. It’s a great chance to chat with local artists, learn about their process and support their work. For more information visit the Santa Fe Studio Tour site. The perfumery is “un-officially” part of the tour since Greg… Continue reading 2019 Santa Fe Studio Tour #44

The Art of Chocolate

The new perfumery here in Santa Fe, New Mexico has an ample lab/studio in the upstairs area where I finally have enough space to develop and work on larger scale projects. There is also Green River Pottery, a ceramic studio in the same building where I plan to make related perfume items. A another door down is… Continue reading The Art of Chocolate

Magnify, Sanctify

Everyday I work on the new perfumery space tirelessly, sometimes obsessively, sandwiched between other pressing responsibilities and distractions. We’re ebbing toward an opening on the Autumnal Equinox, September 22nd. Santa Fe has a mañana quality which can be frustrating for those of us who arrive here from big cities, which reminds you that is both… Continue reading Magnify, Sanctify