Interview with Perfumer, Roxana Villa

Back in March, the blog editor over at Ziibra contacted me requesting an interview. I replied with a “Yes, I’d love to!” immediately. Here is the link below, what you should know before ready is that I get a bit passionate about what drives and triggers me. There’s so much deception in perfume, which includes… Continue reading Interview with Perfumer, Roxana Villa

May Flowers: Bed of Roses

May Flowers: Bed of Rosesby Laurie Stern I’ve always had a love affair with flowers, especially roses – they are my favorite May flowers, although I wouldn’t want the daisies to hear me… “I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck. “~Emma Goldman Drawing ©Laurie Stern, created when she envisioned her… Continue reading May Flowers: Bed of Roses

May Flowers: In Sonoma

Twenty two is considered a master number. It is no coincidence that fellow niche perfume artist Laurie of Sonoma Scent Studio joins our bouquet on such an auspicious day. May Flowers in Sonoma Image: Antique postcard from my families collection dated circa 1900, Argentina.

Prince Charming

The Prince of Charm, Andy Tauer, came by for a visit Thursday evening. He brought his partner Werner (pronounced Verner) with him. I was so enchanted that I forgot to document the visit with pictures. When I did remember, the affair felt way too sacred for a camera. In fact I contemplated not posting about… Continue reading Prince Charming

The Vetiver Dance

Andy Tauer returns to grace us with his presence at the Scent Bar this October. The Saturday, October 4th event is full, however the Friday October 17th slot still has a few openings. Click here to RSVP. The latest from Tauer Perfumes is “Vetiver Dance”, a unisex fragrance focused on Vetiver essential oil. At the… Continue reading The Vetiver Dance

Visual and Aromatic Arts

The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place;from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper,from a passing shape, from a spider’s web. ~ Pablo Picasso Yesterday I was filmed here in the studio for an upcoming conference for “solpreneurs” happening this summer. Once I get more… Continue reading Visual and Aromatic Arts

Jean-Claude Ellena

The cover of yesterdays “Image” section of the Sunday LA Times features an article on minimalist, French, perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. An interesting read on the fragrance poet and his mode of creating perfume. Chandler Burr, the New York Times perfume critic, did a much more complex portrait in the March 2005 issue of The New… Continue reading Jean-Claude Ellena

Canada: Sensorium, Scent

“Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived.” ~ Helen Keller The sense of smell has been critical to the survival of human beings. Early in our evolution, when we were on all fours, our smell sense was vital to our survival. As we… Continue reading Canada: Sensorium, Scent

Canada Intro

I’ve just returned home from a very nurturing, fun, educational and exciting adventure in the British Columbia area of Canada. I feel restored with much to share after such a beauty filled journey.The trip was a semi-vacation, due to Greg working on a CG (computer generated) animated film at Rainmaker Studios. My daughter, Eve, and… Continue reading Canada Intro