A Return to Scent

Authentic botanical perfume provides individuals with a path to return to the scent realm. Large amounts of people have given up on fragrance because synthetics permeate the marketplace from laundry detergent, dryer sheets to face creams. Gosh companies are even offering business cards with synthetic fragrance. Individuals who have courageously ventured into authentic botanical perfumer… Continue reading A Return to Scent

Art of Botanical Perfume, Online Course is here!!

After many nudges, I am finally launching the Art of Botanical Perfume online course! As an introduction we are doing a webinar next week followed by a launch scheduled for Spring. We are offering two different times and will be offering some discounts and goodies for those who sign up early. If you are new… Continue reading Art of Botanical Perfume, Online Course is here!!

The Nose: Searching for Blamage

Rarely does an event invitation arrive in my inbox where I feel compelled to attend, such was the case when I received the invite to attend a private screening of The Nose: Searching for Blamage. I immediately RSVP’d YES for Greg, Eve and I without a second thought, it was pure instinct. Thus last Friday… Continue reading The Nose: Searching for Blamage

Eau de Parfum and other fragrance terminology

Recently I was asked a question based on this one “What is the difference between perfume, parfum extrait and an Eau de Parfum?” I thought I’d address it here at the journal so that in the future I can send peeps to this source. Perfume is a generic word, the origin comes from the Latin,… Continue reading Eau de Parfum and other fragrance terminology

Twos Day

Two Impromptu reviews in one day! The first that I became aware of is over at Perfume Smellin’ Things, written by Beth with all her fabulous story telling skills. Here’s one of my favorite parts: “This sounds silly perhaps, but I know that almost anyone like me with an unrestrained adoration of the art of… Continue reading Twos Day

HoneyLove Yellow Tie Event and Mellifera

Sunday evening HoneyLove is having their annual “Yellow Tie Event” to raise awareness about our important little pollinator while inspiring and educating new urban beekeepers! The late afternoon early evening affair will feature Yellow Carpet photos, great food, fun drinks, local honey tasting, and a special musical performance. I am donating an oval compact filled… Continue reading HoneyLove Yellow Tie Event and Mellifera

A perplexing case of scent

My sense of smell has been uber strong today for some reason, meanwhile I received a note from a customer who is having a challenging time perceiving the scent of the solid samples she ordered. The two samples she ordered were GreenWitch and Figure 1: Noir, which most people consider on the stronger end of… Continue reading A perplexing case of scent