Figure 1: Noir Solid Natural Perfume is back!!

Wishing you all an absolutely splendid new seasonal cycle of the great agricultural wheel, transitioning us from light to dark. Breath in the deep, transformative energetics vibrating through the web of life as we step through the threshold, morphing into our highest and most divine self. Some refer to this as a celebration of the… Continue reading Figure 1: Noir Solid Natural Perfume is back!!

Figure 1: Noir REVIEWS

This is the landing page for all Figure 1: Noir reviews. Perfume Posse #2 The Non-Blonde Beauty Huile Examiner Perfume Shrine Perfume Posse CaFleureBon Té de Violeta Figure 1: Noir illumination by Greg Spalenka.

Figure 1: Noir

Roxana Illuminated Perfume introduces a curious collection of natural perfume narratives beginning with Figure 1: Noir, a fragrance tailored for those with a passion for patchouli. From her tool box of artistic disciplines, Roxana illuminates an eccentric curiosity birthed of primordial earth. Figure 1: Noir is an intriguing perfume oddity, deep and resinous with a… Continue reading Figure 1: Noir

Illuminating the dark and mysterious

Figure 1: Noir was introduced at the San Francisco Artisan Fragrance event last month. Although the fragrance has not been formerly launched with the press release samples are already in the shop and reviews from happy noses are sprinkled throughout this post. Most importantly, and the reason for this post today, is the fantastic imagery… Continue reading Illuminating the dark and mysterious

Summoning Earth

Elemental earth is grounding and supportive. In contrast to the other elementals like air, fire and water the earth is stable. The external associations are found in dirt, rocks, caves and the ground which we walk on. The aroma is most prevalent in such pure plant essences as Patchouli, a polarizing fragrance that has become… Continue reading Summoning Earth