The Replacements

The new round bee tins are slowly replacing the honey pots and thus eliminating a little plastic from the shop. My ideal is to find something that will accommodate 5 grams of solid natural perfume, like the honey pot. The quest continues. Photo: Lyra Bee Tin

Fluid flow

In an effort to make the business more efficient I have changed the packaging of the 1 gram vials of liquid, natural perfume. In the past I was using the folded pink enclosures that I would print out, fold and assemble. For years I’ve had little glassine envelopes pinned on my bulletin board here in… Continue reading Fluid flow

In the Studio

The hunt for finding ways to present botanical perfume products in a sophisticated and environmentally conscious manner is an ongoing process. I finally found bags for the solid perfume minis that are from America and made with a natural fiber. For now I am using a rubber stamp of two acorns on the front, however,… Continue reading In the Studio