A Perfumed Bestiary, I for Iridogorgia, Part I

    The letter I in the Perfumed Bestiary has us embark on a journey to the inky depths of the Pacific and Atlantic ocean for what appears to be fireworks frozen in time. Our creature is Iridogorgia, a “soft” coral referred to as an Octocorallia, or octocoral, which according to UC Berkeley is not a… Continue reading A Perfumed Bestiary, I for Iridogorgia, Part I

Secrets of the Sea

Chiara Vigo is an elder in the south of Italy who is thought to be the only woman alive with the knowledge of skill to make sea silk shine like gold. The ancient knowledge of weaving the precious material was passed down to Chiara by her grandmother who had learned it from her mother. A… Continue reading Secrets of the Sea

Gift Guide: Mermaids and Sea Nymphs

Another collection of handmade beauties from Etsy. This one is for the Mermaiden or Sea Nymph on your list. Me, I’d like some of those chocolate seashells please. NEW CLASSIC CLUTCH by Upstyle in San DiegoBlue Waters — Photographic Print 4×6 by Kties in CroatiaFossil Coral Ring in Sterling with 14kt Gold by Betsy Bensen… Continue reading Gift Guide: Mermaids and Sea Nymphs

Perfume Illuminated: Seaweed

“Every time we walk along a beach some ancient urge disturbs usso that we find ourselves shedding shoes and garmentsor scavenging among seaweed and whitened timberslike the homesick refugees of a long war.”~ Loren Eiseley The weekend is upon us as is the arrival of sweet Springtime with warmer and longer days. Since the GreenWitch… Continue reading Perfume Illuminated: Seaweed

Watch for the Greenwitch!

“Hazel for the framework, Rowan for the Head, The body is of Hawthorne boughs and Hawthorne blossoms.” ~ Susan Cooper In January 2007 I created a Green Chypre perfume, forthwith are the nitty-gritty details. Following this post I will also contribute the workings of another very green perfume with the working title Hedera helix. GREENWITCHIn… Continue reading Watch for the Greenwitch!