In the Garden

California native sage is the predominant fragrance outdoors in the garden this morning. Indoors I’ve got the fresh crop of Jasmine sambac blossoms which is infusing the studio with their heaven scent. A few days ago I went out to get some oak leaves for shots of Q solid perfume and I noticed the oaks… Continue reading In the Garden

The Oaky Scent of Philanthropy

“Immediately upon entering her house, your nose is filled with an indulgent spectrum of aromas. Verdant, musky, sweet smells enter your senses, encouraging you to breathe deeply. This is the home of Roxana Villa…” Read the rest of this article written by an expert word smith and a fellow devotee of the flora and fauna… Continue reading The Oaky Scent of Philanthropy

Save the Oaks

The scent of the day is Q, Quercus agrifolia, devoted to the Coastal Live Oak. I started my fragrance line with this botanical perfume. The intention connected with Q is to bring awareness to the native Oaks of California. This path was revealed when a contractor bought the empty lot next to us to build… Continue reading Save the Oaks