The alchemical trinity of Chaparral

The perfume ChaparralĀ is not a reference to the creosote bush, Larrea tridentata, which sometimes goes by many name chaparral, as well as greasewood and la gobernadora. I named the fragrance after the California biome distinguished by wet winters, hot summers and drought-tolerant shrub land. This biome is also found in the Mediterranean, South America, Australia… Continue reading The alchemical trinity of Chaparral

The Wood Land

I woke up Thursday morning to the sound of chainsaws echoing through the woodland. When I hear this sound I become a bit distressed because every so often it is a neighbor taking down an Oak, or some other native tree like the grand Sycamores. After breakfast I became so agitated by the sound I… Continue reading The Wood Land

The Giving Tree

Once there were four large oak trees and three smaller ones in a grove and they loved a girl. And everyday the girl looked out at the trees but didn’t really see them. Until one day, the girl learned about the value of native plants and old growth oak trees. The girl learned that the… Continue reading The Giving Tree

Inch by Inch

The fruit of the California live oak, the acorn, matures between August and October. From there, if conditions are right, a little sprout will eventually emerge. That little sprout, inch by inch, over many years will develop into a gorgeous tree. Like the California live oak, my perfume company continues to grow, inch by inch.… Continue reading Inch by Inch

The Oaky Scent of Philanthropy

“Immediately upon entering her house, your nose is filled with an indulgent spectrum of aromas. Verdant, musky, sweet smells enter your senses, encouraging you to breathe deeply. This is the home of Roxana Villa…” Read the rest of this article written by an expert word smith and a fellow devotee of the flora and fauna… Continue reading The Oaky Scent of Philanthropy

Celtic Lunar Month: OAK

“With foot beat of the swift Oak,Heaven and Earth rung,Stout guardian of the door,His name on every tongue.”~ Gwion The circular door opens into the mighty realm of the Oak today, with the seventh moon cycle of the Celtic Tree Alphabet. From now until July 7th the steadfast OAK, the most sacred of all the… Continue reading Celtic Lunar Month: OAK