I have been working, working, working on the new website day and night and feel it is finally fairly ready for some input before the official launch. Thus, if you feel inspired to give me some feedback please head on over here. Although Paypal is a slimy, corrupt corporation that I detest, I have put… Continue reading Renovating

New York, NY

I’m in Connecticut and New York at the moment…since Sunday actually. We are staying with our buddy Ric Meyers, a friend from Comic Con. I thought I’d be blogging regularly but it has been a bit of a challenge. I’ll be back shortly with stories and pictures. Image: December 15, 1931. “River House, 52nd Street… Continue reading New York, NY

The Faery Ring

The silver shimmers of this full flower moon feels like an auspicious time to evoke the Faery Ring. Initially called the Inner Circle, the Faery Ring is a select group of patrons that have been invited to participate in illuminated feasts of pure fumes. To join in the dance:1. Become a patron of Roxana Illuminated… Continue reading The Faery Ring

The Mark of Trade

I received official word that the trademark filing for the word chaparral within the use of perfumery has gone through. Hurray! It was back in October of 2006 that this perfume was birthed, shortly after creating the Oak perfume currently known as Q. The word Chaparral refers to a a community of distinctive plants, known… Continue reading The Mark of Trade

Solve et coagula

I had discovered,early in my researches,that their doctrine was no mere chemical fantasy,but a philosophy they applied to the world, to the elements, and to man himself. – W.B. Yeats The last batch of the solid perfume samples from the Illuminated News giveaway will go out this morning along with orders. It’s been a rather… Continue reading Solve et coagula

Feeling the Energy

I have a little blurb in the July issue of Illustration Magazine. This publication comes out of Japan. The little feature is in the news from foreign illustrators’ pages. We were all excited to peruse the magazine when it arrived, as we adore Japanese culture and illustration. During art school days this was one of… Continue reading Feeling the Energy

To Bee

On {{{8-8-8}}} at a farewell hula party for some dear friends moving to Hawaii we met a super interesting fellow. Turns out he is a local beekeeper. Greg asked him what he thought was happening to our honey bees. To our surprised he informed us that the fiasco is due to a pesticide called “Gaucho”,… Continue reading To Bee