LA to NYC and back again

This afternoon I arrived back from a short and very full trip to NYC. Whew! I’m editing the photos and putting a post together about it as well as a few things that took place before jetting out. These two images were taken yesterday afternoon when I took a little break from the happenings in… Continue reading LA to NYC and back again

New York, NY

I’m in Connecticut and New York at the moment…since Sunday actually. We are staying with our buddy Ric Meyers, a friend from Comic Con. I thought I’d be blogging regularly but it has been a bit of a challenge. I’ll be back shortly with stories and pictures. Image: December 15, 1931. “River House, 52nd Street… Continue reading New York, NY

Art Happens Click this link if you are having trouble watching this. Roxana Illuminated Perfumeâ„¢

NY Sniffa 2008: Two

The Sniffa Sunday event transpired in downtown Manhattan, much to my delight, being more of a downtown girl. The festivities began at BOND NO. 9, on Bond St. between Broadway & Lafayette Street. Wasn’t Basquiats studio right around here? Hmmm, I’ll ask Kelle. Raphaella greeted me as I walked in the door. We wondered around… Continue reading NY Sniffa 2008: Two

The Big Apple

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” ~ Thomas Wolfe I am back from the big apple with lots of stories and pictures to share. The trip was especially rich with heartfelt connections. We arrived last Wednesday afternoon, after a four hour stint… Continue reading The Big Apple


I’ve turned into what Wendy so lovingly deems “the sloughful blogger”. My apologies, life is rather full at the moment, as we get ready for NYC and the Sniffa Fall Ball. There will be over 150 attendees at the Saturday lunch I am presenting at. This translates into 150+ sample packages to get ready and… Continue reading Sloughful