Getting it right “down under”

Here in Los Angeles where we have a major drought occurring consciousness about the importance of native plants and honey bees continues to be extremely small, concurrently down under in Australia, they are light years ahead of us. This morning, Lisa Novich of the Theodore Payne Foundation sent out ┬áthis link to an article in… Continue reading Getting it right “down under”

Movie Monday: Chasing Ice

Here is a film which makes is a visual feast combined with an extremely powerful look at reality. This film has everything I adore: Beauty, particularly the kin found in nature; Great photography and an Artist doing one of the very best social commentary pieces in the world. He meticulously did the research, documented what… Continue reading Movie Monday: Chasing Ice


While working this morning all of a sudden Greg says…”Hey Rox, come’re!” So I go outside and he tells me a story of how he was standing next to the little potted lemon tree and heard a small chewing sound. Then he pointed out these strange looking blobs on the branches of the lemon tree.… Continue reading Swallowtail

Movie Monday: Birders: The Central Park Effect

Highly, highly recommend this! Dweebs and natural lovers unite! Here’s the link to the National Audubon Society where you can find a link to one near you. According to Craig Howie, Los Angeles Times… “Southern California is one of the best places in the world to watch birds, from its coastal habitats to its wetlands,… Continue reading Movie Monday: Birders: The Central Park Effect


I admit it, I’m a nut, a bit backwards. For example when everyone was getting computers I bought a letterpress. Modern perfumers chase the latest in synthetic aroma chemicals and isolates, me I sniff my plants, make tinctures and chase really expensive natural raw materials. The other day at a local city meeting one of… Continue reading Backwards

Eau de Blossom

Spring is now trending across the United States with the spectacle of blossoming trees, particularly fruit trees. Within time, after visits from the several local pollinators including honey bees, the little flowers will dry and the fruit will reveal itself. My ode to Spring, Blossom Eau de Cologne, is back in stock. The fresh, sunny… Continue reading Eau de Blossom

A Spade

There is a continued trend to harness Mother Nature and at the same time paint products to appear as if they are made from nature when they are actually created in labs. The rise of corporate power and the promotion of conjured facts in relation to nature are also on the rise. Let’s first look… Continue reading A Spade


Regrettably here in the US of A we are still feeling the political aftershocks of the corrupt, right wing dictatorship that reigned for eight years straight. The Supreme Court has just ruled in favor of corporate funding of political candidates. Yet, one more victory for the massive corporate monster that continues to invade the already… Continue reading Aftershocks