Melli & Fleur

Greg has created two new illuminations to accompany the release of Mellifera and Fleurish this weekend. We decided to work with a local model discovered at the San Diego Comic Con a couple years ago shown in the photos below. Her name is Stevie and she is a dream tow work with! Regrettably she won’t… Continue reading Melli & Fleur

Blossoms of Summer Event

“Blossoms of Summer”  A Sensorium of Sensual Delights and Artful Musings.  Roxana Illuminated Perfume,  Whizin Market Hall in Agoura, CA Saturday, August 29th 7:00 to 10:00 pm A celebration to mark the debut of two highly anticipated fragrances associated with flowers of the season. Mellifera is the part of the latin name for the honey… Continue reading Blossoms of Summer Event

Get a sample of Fleurish, Mellifera or Figure 5: Bois!

I am offering Fleurish, Mellifera and Figure 5: Bois as solid perfume tins over at the Fan Funding post here at the journal. Pictured in the photo is Fleurish, a fruity jasmine with robust notes of indole. Samples are available via the fan funding post or get sample of one of the three included this… Continue reading Get a sample of Fleurish, Mellifera or Figure 5: Bois!