White Wedding

When we went to do the shoot at The Agoura Antique Mart¬†we did some photos of our pretty model Savanah wearing a vintage nightgown that belonged to my mother, the diamond pattern solid perfume locket and some¬†flower crowns from Emily of WhichGoose. I’m saving most of the photos for another project I’m working on but… Continue reading White Wedding

May Day!

Happy May Day! The Gaelic May Day festival known as Beltane (Beltaine) in the western world is here once more. The big seasonal wheel in the sky is at one of the eight spooks of the, the halfway point between the Spring Equinox and the upcoming Summer Solstice on June 21st. As many of you… Continue reading May Day!

A Fair Maiden

My daughter Eve and her friend My have been busy bees working on beautiful headbands as a project for their economics class. Their mission is to create a product which they then sell at the Highland Hall May Fair on Saturday, May 7th. For promotion My made this sweet little video, enjoy. If you live… Continue reading A Fair Maiden

May Flowers

Here in the Santa Monica Mountains where Topanga Days is in it’s third day, we have a visitor from New York. Leah, from Asking Leah, reminisces and shares the bounty of NYC in the Spring. Image: Lesbia and her Sparrow by Sir Edward John Poynter


The month is slowly winding it’s way toward June as the weather inches toward more light and warmth. For today’s contribution to May Flowers we have a post from Lynn at LillyBonBon in Minnesota who shares with us how to make a Vintage Lace Poppies Scarf. Image: The Four Seasons (Summer) by Alejandro de Riquer

May Flowers: Pink Rhododendrons

It’s the Flower Full Moon and Trish of Scent Hive has a reminder for us all with her May Flower contribution Pink Rhododendrons. Image: Antique postcard from my families collection dated circa 1900, Argentina with an old botanical engraving.

May Flowers

On the twenty six day of May blogging Jen from Sewn Natural shares the story of discovering the glories of May with her new infant daughter three years ago. May Flowers by Jen Image: Antique postcard from my families collection dated circa 1900, Argentina.