The fabric of everything is beauty

This lockdown period, although excruciatingly painful, has been very beneficial in providing us with time to contemplate, even though some of us, like many of our awesome health care and other essential service providers continue to work. While contemplating the oh so very wise words of the young, visionary medic Dr. Zach Bush I came… Continue reading The fabric of everything is beauty

Marilyn Neuhart 1930 – 2017

As I entered the Girard wing at the Museum of International Folk Art here in Santa Fe, I stopped abruptly and had to catch my breath, stunned at how much it “felt” and resembled the interior of the Neuhart house in Hermosa Beach, CA. It comes of no surprise of course, given that Alexander Girard… Continue reading Marilyn Neuhart 1930 – 2017

California Christmas

Here we are, another year, another Christmas and thus another chapter to share in this ongoing story of a girl named Roxana and her meandering, fragrant path. If you prefer to skip this intro, which includes some ranting about corporate control, then proceed to the picture of the wreath and begin reading from that point… Continue reading California Christmas

Giving Thanks

  Greg and I headed south yesterday to celebrate Thanksgiving day with the Neuharts in Hermosa Beach. As usual Marilyn had the table decked out beautifully. This years color palette was orange and yellows, which was also manifest in her collection of tigers on a table in the living room. This table is technically in… Continue reading Giving Thanks

The Architect and the Painter

The film Charles & Ray Eames: The Architect and the Painter is available to watch online at PBS. It is a great snapshot into the lives of the two most influential designers of our era. Plus you get to hear from some of the designers that worked with them, like John and Marilyn.

California Christmas

On Christmas Day we drove down to Hermosa Beach to exchange gifts and have breakfast over at my daughters grandparents home. Eve’s grandparents are John and Marilyn Neuhart, parents of my first husband and dear friend Ben Neuhart. I’ve been celebrating Christmas morning at their home fairly regularly, over twenty something years, ever since I… Continue reading California Christmas

Feed the Soul

“When the artist is alive in any person, whatever his kind of work may be,he becomes an inventive, searching, daring, self expressing creature.” ~ Robert Henri, The Art Spirit Have you fed your creative soul lately? Perhaps the first question is, do you know what your creative soul yearns for or thrives on? “We are… Continue reading Feed the Soul