Word Rant Wednesday: Alchemy

While attending a lecture about honey bees in February 2016, the presenter Benjamin Pixie, mentioned an “alchemist” that lived in Taos. The equation of the words alchemist + Taos sparked my curiosity immediately. The word “alchemist” currently is an amorphous term with a myriad of definitions, which gets thrown about abundantly, without much gravitas. At… Continue reading Word Rant Wednesday: Alchemy

The Triple Goddess: Crone in Santa Fe

As you may already know, in September, Greg and I moved from Los Angeles, California to the high desert in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It’s been a bit of a wild, Mr. Toad adventure which has presented many challenges and interesting (to say the least) characters (Crazed Tesuque lady) along the way. A few weeks… Continue reading The Triple Goddess: Crone in Santa Fe

The Eyes of the Unicorn Auction

Ten years ago, my husband Greg Spalenka, illustrated his first children’s picture book “The Eyes of the Unicorn.” In celebration of its 10th Anniversary he has decided to do a one of kind auction that I thought I would share with all of you. “The Eyes of the Unicorn,” is an enchanting, magical tale of… Continue reading The Eyes of the Unicorn Auction

Magic Rocks

There are loads of beautiful crystalline rocks 💎 on the property of our little casita here in the hills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. I’m guessing that these stones are what make the soil sparkle and why this mountain range reflects so much light. I thought these might be quartz, pink feldspar or perhaps… Continue reading Magic Rocks

The Spell

Aligned in the firelight energetics of this Autumn season a group of bloggers has joined their brooms together casting a wide circle of enchantment. It was my friend and writer Beth Shreibman Gehring who alerted me to this event and what a perfect fit it was for me. The circle is centered around the book… Continue reading The Spell

Celtic Lunar Month: Birch

“”The Birch was very noble,Armed herself but late,A sign not of cowardice,But of high estate.“ ~ “The White Goddess” by Robert Graves The first tree that is honored in the of cycle of the Celtic Lunar Month Calendar, according to the Beth-Luis-Nion system, is the Birch.  The celebration began on December 24th and lasts until… Continue reading Celtic Lunar Month: Birch