Lyra is back!

Lyra is back in all formats: solid, perfume extrait and the new eau de parfum! The difference between the three is in the base materials and concentration. The solid contains beeswax, jojoba and an infusion where as the extrait and EdP are in 190 proof alcohol. The difference in the concentration of the two liquids… Continue reading Lyra is back!

Pretty in Pinks

Today I poured Lyra solid into an oval compact for a customer in South Africa which transported me into a “pink” mood. It also occurred to me that Lyra is a perfect in between season perfume, due to the balance of warm amber with sweet floral and licorice. Here is a little assemblage of handmade… Continue reading Pretty in Pinks

LYRA as the Muse

“Rich, full-bodied, sweetly tinged amber, floral fragrance, warm sensuality, hint of licorice.” ~ V.Austin, Sniffapalooza MagazineA few weeks ago we assembled four beautiful young people here in the woodland to do some perfume photos. The image above, to the right is one of those. The model is Gwen Cunningham, she is wearing an antique, silk nightgown… Continue reading LYRA as the Muse

The Replacements

The new round bee tins are slowly replacing the honey pots and thus eliminating a little plastic from the shop. My ideal is to find something that will accommodate 5 grams of solid natural perfume, like the honey pot. The quest continues. Photo: Lyra Bee Tin

Gift Guide: Shabby Chic, Pink and the Vamp

Here’s a few beauties I found on Etsy weaved in with some of my pieces. The first collection is for the romantic, lover of shabby chic and vintage style. Bed from Painted Cottage in New JerseyVintage Crochet Bedspread – Coverlet from Ethanol in Portland OregonLarge Coral Branch from EveryEskimo in Michiganand the Page 47 mini… Continue reading Gift Guide: Shabby Chic, Pink and the Vamp


Fresh and ready for your sensuous delight is a new batch of Lyra solid perfume. Since maximum busyness has become a way of life here in this apothecary in the woods I’ve decided to make even larger batches of the synergies for the perfumes and create more of them at one time. The synergy for… Continue reading Fresh!

Ode to Lyra

LYRA “A rich, full-bodied, sweetly tinged amber, floral fragrance that evokes the essence of Fall with its warm sensuality. Through a veil of tropical flowers, the amber and somewhat licorice tinted base glows leaving a dry down trail of light citrus so as not to allow the amber to overpower.” and “The glowing amber floral… Continue reading Ode to Lyra

Tricks and Treats

No tricks today only sweet delicious treats, in the way of a perfume review and rain. Indeed, rain has arrived to the dry arid climate of the City of Angels. Along with the aroma of wet, vegetative earth is the “full, bodied dark roast” of Lyra being reviewed today by Sasha Muradali over at the… Continue reading Tricks and Treats