Botanical Perfume Classes in March & April

Art of Botanical Perfume March 2nd & 3rd in Encino, CA April 6th & 7th in Santa Fe, NM The Art of Botanical Perfume is a level one class, an introduction to making perfume with plants. In the past this was a one day course that always felt rushed and overwhelming, thus now I set… Continue reading Botanical Perfume Classes in March & April

Busy as a Bee

Last weekend was packed with three different bee related happenings along with lots of writing for aromatherapy journals and projects. Read my latest contribution to Fragrantica here. Most people rest on the weekends, not me, I must be part feral bee! Yes, I said feral, because they work much harder than the European honey bee.… Continue reading Busy as a Bee

Paris 1900

Early Monday morning Eve and I headed over the hill to Santa Monica for a “Preferred Customer Closing Sale” at the shop Paris 1900. We had been tipped about the closing of the store by Eve’s grandmother Marilyn, who had met the owner Susan Lieberman through the Eames office in the 1950’s. Paris 1900 is… Continue reading Paris 1900

Bee Guardians

Yesterday morning, in downtown Los Angeles, the City Council approved a study to be done to approve urban beekeeping. This monumental event was in most part done by the efforts of Rob and Chelsea MacFarland of Honey Love. This comes on the heels of seventeen councils within the city of LA voting in favor of… Continue reading Bee Guardians

Getting it right “down under”

Here in Los Angeles where we have a major drought occurring consciousness about the importance of native plants and honey bees continues to be extremely small, concurrently down under in Australia, they are light years ahead of us. This morning, Lisa Novich of the Theodore Payne Foundation sent out  this link to an article in… Continue reading Getting it right “down under”