Little Round Bee Lockets finally get perfume!

It took awhile for me to get this together and I am still working out some of the details, but, for the most part they are ready. Introducing the little round bee lockets with perfumed felts! In the early nineties when I was first introduced to aromatherapy I wore a filigree locket necklace that had… Continue reading Little Round Bee Lockets finally get perfume!

Solid Perfume Art Lockets are Back!

Three of the solid perfume art lockets are now back in stock. I’m taking these up to the Beyond Aromatics conference in Seattle where I will have a booth. Since they tend to sell out, I suggest not delaying too long to get one.

Silver Filigree

The vintage inspired filigree perfume locket is now available in the silver finish. Perfect for travel or when you want to have something pretty to anoint yourself with without the need to reach into a bag or pocket. Since I am so sensitive to scent I find this locket particularly useful because the fragrance gently… Continue reading Silver Filigree

Summer Breeze

At the end of May we set up two photo shoots with two different models. The first was with one of my “Summer” color tribe sisters Sophie Fletcher and the second was a second shoot with Savanah. Regrettably the secondary shoot didn’t happen, but the good news is we did a follow up session with… Continue reading Summer Breeze

White Wedding

When we went to do the shoot at The Agoura Antique Mart we did some photos of our pretty model Savanah wearing a vintage nightgown that belonged to my mother, the diamond pattern solid perfume locket and some flower crowns from Emily of WhichGoose. I’m saving most of the photos for another project I’m working on but… Continue reading White Wedding

Silver Lockets

All the components for the new silver lockets have arrived thus I did the photos this afternoon and posted the locket on the website and E-shop. Silver is a bit tricky to photograph, the color easily picks up the warm light so that the locket takes on a brass tone even though it is silver. I’m… Continue reading Silver Lockets

Metal Work

All four of the little oval, natural perfume lockets are currently in stock. I’ve also just ordered the diamond pattern in silver by special request, thus I’ll have a limited number of those available soon. Another item we are evaluating is more lockets and compacts with imagery. If there is a particular image you’d like… Continue reading Metal Work

Pure Fume Locket Heaven

The new perfume lockets are here, these feature a well for a solid perfume tin combined with a resin coated luminescent image. There are currently three face designs: a purple and green honey bee and the new Figure 1: Noir image. I’ve just listed all the models in the jewelry section of the E-shop.