Movie Monday: Gregory Crewdson Brief Encounters

Glorious light, exquisite compositions and a heavy scoop of mood are some of the elemental building blocks that go into the narrative photos of Gregory Crewdson. When I was first introduced to theses elaborately, composed photo images Edward hooper came to mind instantly. After watching the documentary, titled Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters, where I had… Continue reading Movie Monday: Gregory Crewdson Brief Encounters

Ebb and Flow

I’m focusing on the positives of ebb and flow today, although, I much prefer flow. Flow being more aligned with water element where as ebb is part of elemental earth. Both have their benefits, its just a matter of where one is standing and perceiving. After all, perception is an act of creation. Oh…and how… Continue reading Ebb and Flow

La Luce

As I sat at my drafting table this morning, with the light pouring in from the window, I was struck by the way beauty of the light as it illuminated the bottles filled with jojoba oil and perfumers alcohol. I’m sure there was a clarity to the electromagnetic radiation, visible light, from the recent rain.… Continue reading La Luce