Erin go Bragh

A very happy St. Patrick’s Day to everyone. Lucky us here in southern California we FINALLY got some rain, hooray! The plants and the honey bees must be so happy. My perfume of the today shall be the super green Hedera helix, the runner up is GreenWitch. Both have a Celtic vibe to them, besides… Continue reading Erin go Bragh

Pressing forward

Of the two presses that were brought over by Ben and partially set up in the autumn I’ve chosen to focus on the the Poco proof press. The reason being it is most similar to the Vandercook flat bed presses I use to own. From the limited information I have gathered thus far there were… Continue reading Pressing forward

Quercus Press

I’m a geek, if you haven’t noticed. Ben just sent me over this video on Vimeo of a dude out east who reproduced a Websters dictionary from 1898. As a letterpress printer, bookbinder and lover of dingbats I just think this is one of the coolest things in the world….and the name of his press… Continue reading Quercus Press

Honest Replication

On some days I find myself pondering if there is one thread that unifies all my work as an artist. Today I watched a video sent to me via Ben about letterpress printing and heard the words “honest replication” causing an ah-hah moment. Honest replication relates to true, natural perfume; letter press printing; saving oak… Continue reading Honest Replication

Printed Matter

During art school I fell in love with print making, particularly letterpress. The fervor caught me quite off guard during a book making class offered as an elective. So hard did I fall for creating printed matter in this ancient technique that I purchased a Vandercook flat bed press with two other friends from art… Continue reading Printed Matter

An Illuminated Day

Myojourn this past Thursday at the Getty was inspirational and rejuvenating. The Getty Center truly is one of great cultural attractions we have here in Los Angeles. Nestled in the Santa Monica Mountains, among groves of Coastal Live Oaks, expansive views, a fantastic collection of art, beautiful gardens AND free lectures. One could arrive at… Continue reading An Illuminated Day