Twos Day

Two Impromptu reviews in one day! The first that I became aware of is over at Perfume Smellin’ Things, written by Beth with all her fabulous story telling skills. Here’s one of my favorite parts: “This sounds silly perhaps, but I know that almost anyone like me with an unrestrained adoration of the art of… Continue reading Twos Day


Seems to be an auspicious time for formulating perfume and manifesting ideas. Serendipity has visited me in the studio once again. It all started with clearing my drafting table to do some painting. The table had become a chaotic mess of paper with formulas, notes of items to order, tax prep and a magnet for… Continue reading Impromptu

Faux Cuir

I’m in the process of making more of my leather accord, which is extremely complex and is present in a few perfumes including Rosa. This accord was created in May 2008 as part of a group blending project where several natural perfumers came together and created a leather. Mine is completely natural with the only… Continue reading Faux Cuir