Little Round Bee Lockets finally get perfume!

It took awhile for me to get this together and I am still working out some of the details, but, for the most part they are ready. Introducing the little round bee lockets with perfumed felts! In the early nineties when I was first introduced to aromatherapy I wore a filigree locket necklace that had… Continue reading Little Round Bee Lockets finally get perfume!

Silver Lockets

All the components for the new silver lockets have arrived thus I did the photos this afternoon and posted the locket on the website and E-shop. Silver is a bit tricky to photograph, the color easily picks up the warm light so that the locket takes on a brass tone even though it is silver. I’m… Continue reading Silver Lockets

Metal Work

All four of the little oval, natural perfume lockets are currently in stock. I’ve also just ordered the diamond pattern in silver by special request, thus I’ll have a limited number of those available soon. Another item we are evaluating is more lockets and compacts with imagery. If there is a particular image you’d like… Continue reading Metal Work

Portable Magic

Sweet, little book necklace lockets featuring the iconic bee have just arrived in my shop. These are handmade by Lori using archival prints that I send her. The base locket is made here in America by a family owned manufacturer. I had Lori add 16 and 20 inch rolo chains to them. “Books are the… Continue reading Portable Magic

To Wonder At

The happiness of the bee and the dolphin is to exist.For man it is to know that and to wonder at it.~ Jacques Yves Cousteau I ordered more of the little round lockets with the purple honey bee from Lori just before Christmas. There is only one left at the moment, thus I’ve ordered more… Continue reading To Wonder At

The Daisy Chain

There’s a new face in locket town, she sports a sweet daisy chain design with a warm antique brass finish. The oval pendant is the same size and shape as the Victorian design locket and mini compact. Like a tussie-mussie, this bouquet of natural perfume adorns the Goddess within and the ability to sniff and… Continue reading The Daisy Chain

Natural Perfume Lockets

The natural perfume lockets in both designs are returning. I’ve created a listing at the E-shop so those that were not able to get them before can do a pre-order. Be aware that these tend to sell out really fast. Last time they lasted about a week before they were sold out! Now is the… Continue reading Natural Perfume Lockets

Goldie Lockets

I am happy to share that the new Victorian design perfume lockets will be available soon! Hooray, it’s a thrill to finally see there much anticipated return to my E-shop. Please note that I had quite a number of requests for these and only have a total of twenty on their way. Thus, if you… Continue reading Goldie Lockets

Bee Beautiful!

The little art deco Bee Leaf necklaces arrived in the mail from Lori yesterday. Although the sun was starting to go down when I arrived home I was able to snap a few photos. I’ll be doing more today, even though we find ourselves under a canopy of grey and are likely to get rain.… Continue reading Bee Beautiful!

Sweet as Honey

The honey bee art locket necklaces have arrived. Which is your favorite jewel tone hue? A deep royal purple, a vivid emerald green or the vintage teal blue? Did you know that the color teal is named after a duck? The teal blue isn’t quite in my palette, oh well, it still has a vintage… Continue reading Sweet as Honey